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Every day I scan the markets and analyze charts to find the best trade setups. I have been trading for 12 years and for the past 3 years I've been helping traders like you make money in the stock market. Let me share my knowledge and teach you how to trade profitably.

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    Buy Stocks Online

    Those who are inexperienced with online trading often ask, “Can I buy stocks online?” The short answer is yes. First and foremost, you need to work with an online, or discount broker. These brokers generally serve as a middle man or an “order-taker.”...


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    How to Trade Penny Stocks

    Many people sit and wonder how they can turn around their investment portfolio and get caught up on the trading basics. Once a person knows how to trade penny stocks, they can start to trade stocks immediately. There will be some initial capital that is needed to...


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    Penny Stocks for Dummies

    Trading is complicated for first-timers. If you have never delved into trading before, you can find yourself losing more money than actually making profits. There is a steep learning curve and without going through penny stocks 101, it will be something that every...


Trading Momo Advantage

Penny stocks have been given a bad rap in the mainstream media. That's because they are often misunderstood.

The reality is however, penny stocks are exactly the same as any other stocks, but much cheaper. And because they're cheaper, their price can move much quicker.

Whether its a bull or bear market, our dedicated team help educate our members and give them the opportunity to profit in the market.

Over 80% of our picks in 2014 have been winners, some of them gaining 100%+, a few have even soared more than 1,000%. The total gains of all our picks in 2014 is 8,692%.

Our biggest winner to date? CHLO, which gained 4,198% in just two short days.