About Matt

Matt Bryant has been making money in the markets for over 10 years, and has dedicated itself to helping others make money too, through giving out members the best stocks to watch and best stocks to buy.

We want to turn the corrupt business of Wall Street on his head – to turn the tables on fat cats and insiders as it were.

The process is simple. We educate our members on how to be profitable in the markets, and give them hot penny stocks to buy, all while offering the support that is needed to make profitable trades.

Our goal is the change the game for good.

No longer should insiders and large institutions have the advantage over the little guy. In fact, with the way we do things, small traders have the advantage of being nimble and are able to execute profitable trades much quicker than large investors – which means finding the right stocks to buy and taking profits on trades is much easier

We offer real time stock alerts, comprehensive company research, technical and fundamental analysis as well as educational tools, allowing individuals to succeed at what was once considered an insiders game.

We follow the market closely, study the best investors, subscribe to the best newsletters, conduct our own proprietary analysis, and finally, we alert the best stocks to buy for day traders, swing traders or longer term investors.

For more than 10 years, our finger has been on the pulse when it comes to buying the top penny stocks in the market.

So the big question, why penny stocks?

First you need to look past everything you may have heard about them in the media. Penny stocks are actually traded on all markets, including the “big boards” of the NYSE & NASDAQ.

They are simply lower priced stocks that Wall Street and the media mostly ignore.

In fact, many blue chip companies today were once considered penny stocks, including the largest company in the world, Apple, Inc (AAPL). Penny stocks are the only investment that gives you the opportunity to make big gains, quickly.

And with a little knowledge, discipline and our best penny stocks, you can become successful trading and live the life you’ve always imagined.
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